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Tourist attractions in the Pyrenees near the campsite

Discover the most beautiful sights of the High Pyrenees. Here’s our selection of the treasures of the Pyrenean Heritage and suggestion of mountain activities for everyone. Whether sporty or contemplative, alone or with family, ask us for advice for unforgettable holidays in the Pyrenees. There’s a wide range of activities available depending on the season. It really depends on what you feel like, so just let yourself go… because you’re the one on holiday now…

Vos vacances en Pyrénées actives !

Go on, enjoy yourself and…

  • Enjoy the scenery of the Pyrenean National Park, the feeling that you get of being at the other end of the world at the Néouvielle Reserve, hiking around the Bastan, the Glére, the Oule or even Escoubous lakes.
  • Admire the Cap de Long, Orédon or even Aubert dams.
  • Follow the stream as it cascades it way down the Rioumajou valley where you may spot a stag, a Wood Grouse or a roe deer… or follow the GR105 which will take you off to a typical mountain dinner at the Rioumajou Hospice.
  • Breathe in the freedom and vastness of the scenery around the Granges du Moudang.
  • Take a walk around the Aulon natural reserve, with its mixture of spectacular scenery and organic riches.
  • Explore a magnificent example of Jacobean heritage on the Saint -Jacques -de –Compostelle road.
  • Take the famous GR10, this Great Hiking footpath which runs through the Pyrenees from West to East.
  • Bike it up the Aspin, Peyresourde and Hourquette d’Ancizan passes which have made the Tour de France the legend that is and explore the wild side of these same passes by mountain bike.
  • There’s rafting, canoe and kayaking, canyoning or hydrospeed for going down the gushing mountain streams in the valleys or if you fancy racing down the slopes then there are a number of ski resorts just a stone’s throw away (Saint-Lary, Piau Engaly, Val Louron, Peyragudes).
  • Take a dip or enjoy some water sports on the Agos lake.
  • See how you do on the climbing wall next to the campsite.
  • Try your hand at some Archery, potholing or some trekking on horseback, mountain biking at the Saint-Lary or Piau Engaly Bike Parks

Stay in the Pyrenees with family

Just do whatever takes your fancy and…

  • Leave the campsite behind and take your pick from some nice little hikes, which are ideal for the family and where you can explore the flora and fauna of the Pyrenees, either on foot, on the back of a donkey or in the form of a gourmet family walk.
  • After all the hard work, comes the relaxation: relax beside the pool (5km from the campsite), have some fun in the Sensoria Rio canyons at Saint Lary or check in for a relaxing session at the Balnéa fun thermo centre at Loudenvielle.
  • Your children will have the time of their lives at the Ludéo fun pool at Loudenvielle.
  • There are also several tree-climbing “accro-branches” circuits close to the campsite which you as well as your children will love.
  • Enjoy a visit to the sunbathed country markets with the rest of the family and get together for a spot of fishing or a day’s skiing on the summits.
  • You’ll like the events that there are too, village fetes, gâteau à la broche fete (this is a local battered cake made on a rotating spit) where you come take part in making it, the little churches festival (concerts, theatre, opera, jazz, gospel) and plenty of other things taking place in the vicinity.
  • Why not also go and see how the angora goats from Aulon are reared and chosen for producing mohair and see the show with the Eagles of Aure at the Pyrenees Bird park at Arreau.
  • A good way of finishing your day for adults and children alike is to drop in at the LE PITOU cheese makers in the village of Gouaux, next to the campsite.
  • As well as tasting some delicious goats cheese, you’ll also be able to admire the original exhibition on the theme of medium altitude mountains, say hello to the goats, stroke them if you like and take part in the goat milking which is every day at 6 p.m.Is that your family in fits of laughter? It’s a nice feeling isn’t it? And so nice to see the sparkle of happiness in your children’s eyes…

Feel the energy of Pyrenees

But if all this is not enough then why not take to the skies with some paragliding, and get up close to the raptors for some stunning and unforgettable views of the Pyrenees.

We can also lay on expert mountain guides so that you can get the most out of visiting, walking and hiking in our beautiful part of the world. They’ll be able to recommend a route which you’ll be comfortable with (for children and adults alike), and will only be too happy to share their knowledge of our region with you.

Do you feel the rush of energy? … Can you already feel something inside from the magical beauty of this majestic natural setting? Do you feel empty and full at the same time…

Campsite near Spain

You will love Spain, nearby on the other side of the tunnel Aragnouet Bielsa where you can visit the medieval villages of Bielsa, Ainsa and Escalona or take a dip in the Aragonese canyons all around.

Real-life Holidays in Pyrenees

Follow your instinct and…
find out some more about our mountain traditions with some mushroom picking, the cry of the deer in Autumn or why not just some lovely snowshoeing walks in our snowy forests.
As if a visit to the Pic du Midi is not mesmerizing enough the region also has its caves and chasms, like the Medusa caves and the Esparros chasms with all their mysteries waiting to be unravelled.

You can also take a trip back into the history of our region with:

  • a visit to the Pyrenean house for pastoral farming, a great way to learn about the region’s nature and local produce.
  • a visit to the Maison de l’Ours at Saint-Lary, the Vielle-Aure Mines, the museum for “life in the Olden days” and the Ancizan cider museum, the Mousquère Mill, the Wool Cottage Textile Mill, the Nestes Château, the Vielle-Aure Mines, …

Ever wanted to know a little bit more about the crucial role of water from the mountains in our lives? Take a walk to the Vielle-Aure Aquascope Station where you’re bound to get a different idea of what water is all about…

Unlock the secrets of the local gastronomy as you stroll through the authentic country markets.

Can you feel the mountains around you? The smell of the local produce? Is the echo of its past an inspiration for your future?
Well now that you’ve experienced the Aure valley nothing will seem quite the same again…
You’ve got it… We live in a rich and varied region, which has a great natural and cultural heritage. You’ll see that the beautiful valley is not called the Aure in Pyrenees for nothing, and you won’t forget it in a hurry!

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